Who Is Designer Julz Creative

Designer Julz is a design and development studio based in Durban.

We are problem solvers who are passionate about our jobs. Our philosophy is simple. Use the right tools and technology to create for our clients exactly what they need to accomplish their goals.

It's understandable that traversing the maze of choices called the internet can be quite daunting, we have experience and would love to help you navigate it. From websites and applications to outdoor media, we've got you covered. Designer Julz is ready and excited to partner with you on your next project.
We strive for excellence, character and meaning in all that we do. We desire significant relationships where we serve our clients and our colleagues.

We believe that the process is as important as the product. We have a passion for what we do, love to have fun, and bring out the very best in one another. We hope our gifts can help realize purpose within professional and personal lives.


What Makes Us Different?

As a multifaceted digital design agency, we produce beautifully crafted creative solutions that transcend business goals and garner recognition.

Reframe Your Thinking


We identify brand’s truths and build their competitive advantage. Great strategy builds a brand’s right to succeed over time.
We work closely with you, your consumers and even your customers – to ‘psycho-analyse’ your brand – stripping away the complexity to identify the actionable consumer and market insights that drive brand success and pinpoint the fundamental truths that lie at your brand’s core.

Unlocking Consumer Truths


We generate deep and meaningful insights that springboard original thinking and inspire breakthrough-solutions. The challenge is to get past consumers’ superficial responses and help your team unlock incisive, actionable insights.

Unleashing Team Creativity


In order to stimulate brilliant creative leaps. We create inspiring & stretching ideation workshops where fresh thinking thrives. Our workshops are fun and inspiring, but they also stretch the team’s intellectual curiosity & creativity to create high-energy environments that encourage breakthrough idea generation. We create an environment where genius thrives!

Creating Compelling Stories


We bring innovation thinking to life as compelling concepts. We do this by building promising starter-ideas into relevant & motivating concepts … then evolving & perfecting them with super-consumers.
Our concept-crafting team work with you to bring your starter-ideas to life with compelling insights, benefits & reasons-to-believe. Then our visual-team works maximise consumer engagement and generate images & concept-pack designs that really tell the story.

Brilliant Brand Propositions


We turn innovation thinking into brilliant brand propositions.
Creating names, packs and positionings that connect powerfully with the consumer’s underlying motivations and turn consumer benefits into compelling calls to action.
We use storytelling, semiotics and visual design skills to go beyond mere pretty packaging to create compelling Brand Worlds that connect the brand to the underlying consumer needs and insight through the positioning.


Our Creative Agency Works

All our solutions begin with brand research and all of our work is catered to enhance and work with the brand at hand. We are always exploring the new, always innovating, with a focus on creative storytelling.


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Industry Leaders


Creative Director / Founder

Julian is a brand strategy expert with almost 11 years experience in the creative and online field. Quick thinking and insightful, he transforms brief-hitting concepts into all kinds of commercially focused brand identities, retail websites, advertising campaigns or packaging designs that our clients love and people buy into.

Along with a dynamic portfolio of work and a varied roster of interesting and influential clients, he is proud to lead the creative team who share his understanding of Intelligent Creative.


Creative Designer

Eli is a Web Guru, with expertise in CMS systems, Custom Web Development and an online marketing strategist, with more than 12 years experience in the creative and online industry. Resourceful, Lightning fast and a bit of a day dreamer, he transforms ordinary or dull looking websites into a working masterpiece that generates traffic like no others.

With extensive knowledge in market research and audience engagement, he always ensures the websites hit the mark with beautiful design flows and trendy look and feels, to keep your business up to date with what people are looking for.

He has a dynamic portfolio of work extending from corporate, international and local companies, and is proud to be the Head Web Developer for Designer Julz Creative where he can live out his passion through his work every day.


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We’re passionate about innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings it all together in one beautiful experience. If you are too, call or send us an email to get started.